Environmentally Friendly Funerals

What is an environmentally friendly funeral?

An environmentally friendly funeral can have many different meanings and connotations. For some it can mean lowering the carbon footprint of the day by selecting a nearby woodland burial ground as opposed to a distant crematorium, opting for a natural woven coffin or casket or simply using potted plants as floral tributes rather than cut flowers. As funeral directors, we are committed to advising our families on ‘greener options’. Green funerals can be discussed with our funeral arrangers and noted in our pre-paid funeral plans.

Woven Willow Caskets

We offer a full range of woven and environmentally friendly coffins and caskets suitable for burial and cremation these can be decorated with floral garlands if desired. Prices vary due to design and style as each coffin is often a unique commission, but our funeral arrangers are happy to provide quotes.

Leek Woodland Burial Ground

We had the great honour of conducting the first woodland burial at Leek’s Buxton Road Cemetery in 2019. We feel incredibly privileged to offer this service to those wishing for a natural resting place for themselves or a loved one.

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Leek Woodland Burials

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